Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey Blogfailures

This here should have been my little 'Critical Mass Was Again Amazing' section, because it truelly was, however I tried to be clever and film a lot of it to make you all a nice little video, but a combination of my stilsl camera producing random format movie files, and Movie Maker being truelly appaling resulted in a lack of video. Utter Bollocks

Anyhow, here's one, sitting outside the couriers pub, very early in the ride. CM usually ends here, but seemed to go straight here, I suspect the guy at the front just wanted to go for a pint, and the mass blindly followed him, but either way, amusing confusion was had.

See here for a full review

Anyhows, just to keep you amused, another clever bit of hippedy hop from Dan Le Sac enjoy:

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