Monday, June 18, 2007

Hi Absenteeblogfucks.

It's, as ever, been too long. The reasons? As ever, crap.

To begin though, the Brooklyn is broken. God knows how, but I'm now on the search for frame builders to try to get it fixed before France which is coming up very soon.

BakerDay is starting to get some pace behind it now, check out our tunes at or

Thrice a week practises as well as gigs takes it's toll on blogging time, as does that ever intrusive demon that is work.

I've basically dug out a few more picture's I've found lying around I'd like to share, and some various happenings as I think of them. And I've got so much softcore stored up for this place I might have to do an entire softcore blog to clear it all sometime. Maybe not..

I'm trying to bring waistcoat's back into fashion. I'm doing this by wearing them privately in my bedroom and around the house. When we get a decent size gig I'll pull it out.

but 'til then, the 'fakenger' look

This car is soo hot...

....I took it's picture many times, but here's 2 of them

So, anyhoo, we played some mini-golf

And perved.

And here's just another shot messing about with some focus at the same place, which the name of I forget.

And some softcore of course:Her names (is clearly not) Bella Spice, and her gallery is here

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