Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Campers Ahoy!

So, I didn't post these last week, as I was too busy crying about the broken'ness of the Brooklyn, but we did actually ride and drink down at Penshurst, and heres a few of the results.

Stuart decided to climb a tree and scare our neighbouring campers. Good ploy except they were coked to the hilt and didn't notice in the least. But a fine effort none-the-less.

Lake jumping, always a winner, as long as it is on some-ones elses bike, as was the case here. Some randoms having fun, while we sunbathed and photo'd.

X off the kicker

This is the moment that has to be captures, the terror makes it.

Decent sized drop into a pool about 4 foot deep. He hit the bottom, needless to say.

A nice shot showing how pads give comedy sun-tans and dirt marks.

Here we see how a collection of parts can add up to over 3 grand. Crazy when you look at it like this. Re-weld and re-spray on the cards.

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