Monday, February 05, 2007

Yo spermrecepticalblogs.

I'm back from France, saw pretty much no Neige, but still boarded on the dirt. Woke daily surrounded by fucking hot women, but generally they were just cleaning the corridor or something, and I pretty much went back to sleep after that.

Slow month though, fuck. I was well looking forward (chav English at its finest there) to coming home to England, was bored as fuck, not getting drunk as much as I wanted to, had no intoxicants etc etc, and it's all good until about 45 minutes into the plane journey, and I suddenly think, fuck me, I'm leaving the Alpine winter seasonnaires life to come back to Essex. Dip effin shit.

And I'm back 1 night and I get sent this,

This company (Competative Enterprise Institute, acronym: FUCKWITS) sum up what all travellers and like minded people are running away from.

No, not specifically the eco side of this companies policy, but the fact that they have the face to publically state "yes, we know pollutants damage the world irreparibly, but companies will make less profit if we make efforts to change this". Morality vs Money. Battle and War has been lost.

This is, oh god, there's no words for it, it's beyond infuriating, how can such a powerful company be so fucking debonaire. How much are the corperations backing them (moniteraly) that they can actually bring themselves to do this, then wander home after work to see their families?

Jeebus, I'm sitting here shaking. Letter bombs and digging up their dead family members are too good for the people in charge of this.

This website tries to back up it's views fairly (on important issues at least), so pop along and see what FUCKWITS have to say:

More cheerful Francey or Essexy things when I calm down and get out.

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