Monday, December 25, 2006

Hey guys, there's far more to the plane story...

I got there 20 minutes before check in, there's loadsa problems so I actually check in 10 minutes before take-off, leg it through the airport, get searched, and there-fore lose another 5 minutes. have to get a train to the terminal. Meet some-one else on my plane, get towards boarding gates 5 minutes after due take-off. Get on, then sit in the plane for anotheer 40 minutes waiting for people. that unlike me, couldn't be bother to run.

So we land an hour late, and wait for it. Loads of luggage is missing, including mine. Seems the Stanstead baggqage machine broke down, so they just left it there. After all end of chasing over a long period, it finally turned up yesterday (sunday). So I've had a few days of being a smelly grease-monkey, but hey hum. All here now.

Anyhow, bought myself a Christmas present of some boarding boots yesterday, so that's nice :)

Sitting here waiting for our Christmas Barbie (Aussies...), then maybe some slleep. secret santa. then work.

Speak to you soon! xx

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