Thursday, December 14, 2006

This little pushbike 'Zine (I lovetheterm pushbike. Surely as you progress you aim to never push?) has been a little low on cycle factoids recently, and a little high on the sacred feminine.

This was concerning me, until I happened on Fyxomatosis, the website that High'Zine could be if it tried harder. It's a fixed gear bicycle/courier site, that works around the main 3 factors of life.

Beautiful Bikes, Beautiful Ladies, and Beautiful Photo's of both.

So this guy basically, as well as various 'General Interest' sections, wanders about his life with his bike and camera (see the resemblance) and when he see's a hot lady, he gets them to pose on said bike for said camera.

If I say so myself, my DH bike is sex, so this principle could be expanded to the mountain bike world. Any interested parties, please tell me so. Promise to make you look good.

Softcore has nothing to attractive women on bike's, so if I can find the suppliers, this could be a new direction. To be fair, probably harder to find suppliers of than crack in a retirement home.

If this video works, enjoy your softcore. And a blast from the past.

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