Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Right, todays musical theme blogsellouts:
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cos the lyrics arn't very clear (can only find a live version) the lyrics are here

This song sums up HMV and my first day. Corperate whores, and I feel I'm being ass-fucked by every second I spend there.

How can punk rock still be alive when this is the average persons working day. Helping the corperations grow for 0.15% (thanks Rob) of the stores daily turn-over making a days wages. That percentage of the stores income toward keeping some-one living.

Lets say 20 people are working at any one time, 3% of the turnover keeps the staff alive and perhaps living.

Fuck it, at least I know I'm back off to France now. Who needs the cash in pocket when this is the trade-off.

I got you some softcore today, that like the rest, is probably from environmentally careless, cash not time, welfare is for the week movie companies that ban unions and talk with numbers.

But hey, when they look this good, morals go fish.

Latina and her gallery

Fake latina and her gallery.

Sorry if you don't like latina's, but at least you can get off in the fact they live in a different country from this one.

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