Monday, November 27, 2006

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if you like it watch the vids, if not, listen to it more till you like it. Do not move on until foot is tapping, do not collect an ounce of grass of a dodgy geezer, do not go directly to jail.

Oh and Rob, it's music, so plug your fucking speakers in. I know they're in the shop.

Ok, so it's been a pretty fucking slow week really. Did a wonderful drug for the first time, married Rob and Shasta at possibly my event of my recent memories, and got employed by HMV. fuck.

A wedding video will be made, but here's a 'street legal' idea

The idea was impromptu, so the outfits were improvised, but the emotions were over-powering.

Innocent and unaware. The couple before the wedding.

Matthew took on wedding planner duties, did a fucking amazing job of it, but nearly passed out he was running about and panicking so much.

I less than three (<3) this photo of Shas, Nuff Said

Rob, in his first choice of wedding outfit. It was worked on further...

The wedding in progress with Reverend High'zine (all bow) taking power over proceedings, Best man Matt, and Page girl (...) George (the indian) giving the readings.

Giving the rings. There were tears in the air.

On the Road. The ideology of the meeting of these two people

Did I mention, MDMA is mindblowing (not literally, at least not yet), made this whole thing concieveable, and as emotional as it was, and made it a time that I hope i'll never forget.

ROB, SHASTA England will be less for your absence.

Anyhow, onto more interesting things. err..

The picture below is not of me. The point being I didn't manage to find a courier job in London. Which I imagine being a mixture of heaven and hell, but then, the lows make the highs.

Considering I'm not gonna be a courier for at least the near future, I have instead been job hunting in Chelmsford. HMV looked a fun place to work, so I went and did a WRITTEN EXAM(!!) a well as an interview, did shite in the exam, then thought the guy doing the interview was hopeless, and let on as much. Yet they phone me today asking me to start tomorrow.

I am, slightly confusingly, gutted. I don't wan't to work (there). But hey, all going well, do about 10 days work, then quit and enjoy the free house in my possesion for a few days.

This post is getting too long now, and the music is probably ending, or has done, depending if you read this and look at the pictures, or scan over while mid wank.

Which brings me neatly to the following.

No softcore for a while, so Liz Viscious for Rob (and her gallery)

and this sweetie for myself (and her gallery)

and Selene Spice to control my latina lust (and her gallery)

how spoilt are you lot, not every blog delivers this level of customer satisfaction.

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