Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hey Foreignblogs

First update from France-ay. Well second, cos I've done this once and the machine hated it, so I had to start over, so I'm bored and this is gonna be even more concise now.

Days consist of never sleeping, Riding from 9am till about 2pm, then sunning at the lake till dinner, and sitting in the bar till close, before resuming work. Hardest life in the world.

Riding stuff only for now cos I don't think we're on close enough terms with the work crew to put photo's of them sunbathing on the world wide web.

Fags And James on the Chairlift. Obviously.

Two randoms making some hay into the berm.

Tim I think on the 10 percent berm. too steep for the photo to show.

Fast boy Matt back end out into the loose stuff.

Lovely Scenic Shot.

Here's James (barman) and F.A.G.S. (Bike buddy) on the biggest berm in the world (unoffici obviously)

biggest berm in the world

and here's the same pair on the top section of the Chavannes fast as fook course:

Gap Jump Section

Everyone is Les Gets rides super slow and super gay except Le Boomerang crew, who are all so hot the make burns victims plastic face masks look cool.

And Matt (Chalet Whore) managed to clock up a vunderbar 57mph on track whilst out with a GPS toy the other day that we get to borrow.

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