Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stu's riding Matt Watson's old Darkangel V24. Reason being because Matt bought Pat's old Revell. So Stu bought Matt's old purple Darkangel.

Thought I'd also inform you that Matt is running rigids because he snapped his old Z1 things! So if you wanna bring some suspension back for him, he'll give you a big kiss!

(Matt Watson - In desperate need of a bounce.)


bob said...

i love the way that top photo means nothing to me

Mikey S said...

lovin it laaarge. means shiney to me.

cheers jonnnny, keep updaating, put that other rom set of pics up, was good.

not much bike stuff for sale here, took me a day to sort out a puncture.

i need bounce too, the boxxers are going onto the susser when i return so will also be fully rigid. the bmx may be on the cards.

Bobby? you still sessioning, have to get you down danbury when i retuuurn

Anonymous said...

Bob, your mum means nothing to me!

Mikey S said...

but abby means everything to me