Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hey there, Jon (with no ball hang 'H') back here with some more super Romford action! Not as many pictures taken this week, but on the plus side they're all of those silly Osborne boys doing silly things.

Check em out.......

Glenn here on the mini ramp doing a manual and just about to barspin.
The outcome was successful.

Tim trying to stall on the coping of the mini. And failing really badly!

And Tim successfully stalling on the coping of the mini. Not baaaaad!

This is Glenn being an air kid and airing stupidly high out of the mini ramp.

Here is T-bag, stalling out of the ramp this time. Oh, and he's holding a piece of fire aswell.

And here is Tim again, only this time he is eating his piece of fire.

Finally, Tim going huuuuge and trying a tailwhip out of the big quarter-pipe. He will land one!

That concludes another post. Stay tuned...

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