Monday, February 27, 2006

Hey blogshites

Nice work on keeping the site updateed Jon (with no H [even an illegitamate bastard one footed child H]). Done a fecking brilliant job, no really, its buzzing in here, glad I passed the enourmas task onto such dedicated and constantly media pushing hands.

Anyhow, I'm in geneva airport, and bored. ill try to find you a picture in a minute. I havent been uploading any cos the net in Les Gays is crap, and i'd rather be drinking screwing or boarding. So err, right then..

Smurfs are asexual you know, and have no sexual drive. What's the point of living if you don't have a dick?

Rob, gay
George, Greebo
Billy, Southerner
Matt, Twat (like, teehee, like, that sounds alike and stuff)

special selection for those four because they are blog dorks.
put your addresses up on here please cos I don't have my bookmarks so don't know them.

Annyhow, its gay here at the moment cos it's half term and full of underage children with too much ski gear on to look attractive. psyche.

But it's super busy on the slopes, so we're avoiding them and living on dvd's and cheese on toast instead. Met a lovely lady called Jess, who dissapointingly isn't continental, but is infact from near Brighton and vaguelly rides bikes, and has a farm. well, has the heirship to i guess. Would post photo's but see above, Sadly work gets in the way of much time together though, and the rest of time needs o be given to the slopes, its only right. (see how slopes could have a double meaning there, fucking brilliant, that's just amazing).

so, maybe more if im still bored in a moment.


Anonymous said...

hey mikey, listen i tried to update ur site as u've probably seen from the draft, but it takes so bloody long to upload pics with my 56k connection junk! As soon as i get the pics to college where there is broadband, ill get them on for ya ok!

Mikey S said...

ooh, didnt see the draft, ill have a look now.
im using some free 'try me now' applemacs at the airport that are fast as fuck. just usually busy, and not a good place for searching for softcore.

pictures, wooo

Experience Sponge said...

Yo man, looks pretty icy (lovely) over there, sounds like your having a great time (ball).
If you want some photos and (meaningless) pretty pictures my site = (defunct but still viewable)

dirty advertising

bob said...

MIKE!!!!!!! Words from beautiful switzerland.

last time i was in switzerland i cried my eyes out through sheer joy. but i didn't see snow.

mike would you like to get a house when you get back, we need to

(a) get away from parental supervision, we are 22 for fucks sake
(b) grow weed in the privacy of our own privacy
(c) i need to show you PSY TRANCE MUSIC (oh fuck me)
(d) etc

corporate bullshit


Matt said...

Yo, bitch, define "blog dork"...

Good to hear/read from you, son. All that snow looks thoroughly gorgeous.

Bring me back some cheese?

"Twat" Matt

Ps: wanted to write a joke about being 'on the piste', but that would've just been plain shite, wouldn't it?

Mikey S said...

rob yes yes yes, as long as im not here for the summer which hasn't turned results yet, then i need to get out my home.

start perusing.....