Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hey blog brigade, as you can see, its been a long time since the site has had anything riding related added. Mostly due to the unbelievably cold weather, and of course the absence of one Michael Skinner.
So when myself (Jon, with no fecking 'h' as I believe it goes), and the bad-boy Stu went to Rom skatepark in Romford, I decided to take a camera and some great snaps were to be had!

and so........

Stu chilling beside the mogels. Our Stu spends a lot of time howling round these.

Here is a shot of Stu pulling one his tables. With full on racer head down technique!

This shot is very MBUK!

Here I am taking a big gulp of the stinking, poluted Romford air, I think its cured my rickets Mikey!

Myself, doing a strange hip/ box/ quarter-pipe transfer. Except I think rickets may be back.

From the hip/ box thing, to the 6/7 ft spine behind it. Took me a while to do because there was a poo that I didnt want to land in!

Here is the tabletop kid Stu. Only from a different angle this time, but its flat, believe me!

To wind down, we sessioned the biggest bowl in the damn place! This be me airing about as high as a dead bird.

From this view you can see how big and vert the bowl really is. Now more of a struggling bird.

Almost another grand MBUK shot. Stu going round and round and round and round.

And finally Stu airing as high as he can.

After that we went to Danbury and it was shite, so we went home. See you next week blog bandits!

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