Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blogspleens. Welcome to the special 'international prequel' blog.

As you are aware, and you are, I will shortly be heading to the land of hair under arms, garlic under necks, and hopefully, me under french women.

In preperation for this I have begun an intensive study of the necessities of French living and I'll try to keep you updated on my progress.

One of the most important French customs is the protest, and to show respect to their recent political turmoil, i grabbed my pink trumpet this afternoon and went and burnt some cars.

This aggresive side dealt with, French popular culture was the next major milestone. As everyone knows, all the French listen to musically is Alizee, the lovely girl who sings about underage sex and gets down to her bra on stage in front of 30,000 teenage girls.

A kind of european britney spears is you will, with less pork lorries parked in tuna town.

Enjoy, Mike Lolita

Clearly the best thing about France is the fact they love the English so much, and therefore getting laid with the most attractive French stunners will be problemless, although if they don't speak fluent English they will have to do without the wonders of my after orgasm bed (/car/street corner) talk. Their loss.

I'll leave France not until I have used and abused a girl more attractive that this one.

have her gallery to finish you off, it did me..
She's surely French, look how hot she is. It just makes sense.

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bob said...

whoa not opening anymore of your links in public internet zones!!

mikey boy i hope your french retreat is easy to get to.

oh no wait you have a bus, you can swing by great baddow on your way to the ski lifts. easy!