Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wowee blogcommunists.
Just got bhack from some pimpass street riding in London. I'll get the photo's uploaded quick with no fancyness cos spiderman is on telly in 7 minutes.

Oh and Amilee is on at 10.10 tonight as well. pimpin.

first off, us lot leaving C'ford train station.
Train stations tend to not like bikers. We tend to ride stuff.

I've been on the look-out for a go on one of these 'un-rideable' bikes for a while now. We're going along southbank and we see one and pull over. Watch for a bit, get concerned. Then the awaiting crowd notice us on nice bikes fully kitted up and start putting on pressure. The guy with the 'dodge' bike then up's the stakes from £10 if you win to £20.

I was drawn in, 4th attempt i got about halfway. That was considered 'good. Scary. Stu got it not too bad too, but Sadly for Julien, less luck.

We stopped at Maccies. We Always do on street rides you see. I had 2 double cheeseburgers as always. And i took out the gurkins, as always.

Me and Stu decided to ride this giant iron horse. Getting up wasn't too bad, but then we couldn't get down so Julien was going to phone the fire brigade.
We decided to jump and survived.

Onto some gloating now. As i was the only one on the susser I was laso the only one going big so got the only riding photo's.

Dropping into the Imax stairs. Damned scary handrail to clear and pretty harsh landing onto stairs.

And again, with a friendly crowd gathering. People want carnage, I didn't deliver, which rocked.

Clearing the Imax double set

And again. Damned long, pretty high and hit real fast round a blind corner. Love it. The bike messenger watching did.


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Mikey S said...

twat off. i got excited by a comment then.
i hate you and your shitty company and if you wern't online fraudsters i'd burn down your building and rape your baby daughter.

bob said...

fucking hell nice jump onto those stairs loooks inteeeense