Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey Boys and ~Girls.
Non-daily up-date time. Excitement rocks your city.

I bring you picture and photograph from Penshurst as of the weekend of the Bank holdiay. Sunny days and sunny lays. Solar power weather. Enjoy.

Look it's Special Kid Andy. If he were good he'd be no-handing this right now. As it is he sucks dinosaur cock.

Glenn looks like a dog scratchin off its rabid skin when he's in the air. If this wern't a huge transfer i'd have been more impressed by him picking snot from his toe-nails.

Look it's Jon. This picture proves he has rickets.
I hate Jon so I can save on the compliments.

This is some random doing flips.
Flips are for kids, or is that skids?
Either way this sucks more dick than Jenna Jameson at a Richard convention.

This is Si. I like Si's sister. I want to bonk her.

Ignore Ross 'Twist' Tricker, Nacs are cool.

This is Si's mate. He didn't put 'em back to land either

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bob said...

fucking beautiful photos mate, seriously!