Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 20 - Saturday

It's 2am, in Sri Lanka, at the airport. Well, this is fun!
4 hours of flying dealt with, 3 hours sat here in the airport, 10 hours flying to go!

Just taking this free time and opportunity to give a final little summary of the bikes we were riding, their quirks and how we came to all fall totally in love with the little Honda XR250's.

Nicknames - Thirsty/Clocky
It seemed to always use a half a litre or so more fuel than the other bikes when we filled up, whether down to my heavy hand or bad tuning. Also, it was the only one of the three bikes that had a working speedo or Odometer. 120kph clocked at one point, not bad for a 250 dirt bike with all-terrain tyres on.
Issues - Back brake occasionally jammed on when messing about doing skids. Could be fixed by kicking the pedal till it released.

Nicknames - Shaky/Wobbly
The back end seemed to fishtail around worryingly whenever Tom took it over about 90kph. Tony was determined this was because he tied his helmet to one side of the bike. We never conclusively decided whether this was the cause.
Issues - Tom crashed it in the dirt on a loose left hander, low side. Clutch lever snapped off, spare fitted. $5

Nicknames - Drippy/Coughy
The first one being the obvious, it dripped some oil when parked. Thirsty did too, but not so bad. Coughy came from a Thai girl tony befriended in a bar (by playing 'it' with...) the night before whom had a concern causing cough, so the story and name followed him to the bike.
Issues - Same brake problem as Thirsty, also Drippy fell off its sidestand in soft soil in San Monorom, breaking the mirror. $2

Where's next?? 
For my own benefit reading this back later: Being away is amazing. Do it whenever possible!

2 x pants
2 x socks
2 x tee
1 x vest
1 x shorts
1 x trousers
1 x flipflops
1 x boots
bits and bobs
That's about all you'd need for a month traveling anywhere warm really I reckon
[Tom adds in "1 x Suit - Multi Purpose!"]
So good moving around with our little packs watching everyone else dragging horse carts around.

Cambobo is great, I'd personally miss out Angkor Wat if you've seen big temples before, head out to Bang Lung, Kratie etc and get in them lakes and waterfalls. Still got Eastern Cambodia to explore though!

Europe on a motorbike Solo soon?

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