Monday, November 05, 2007

Autumns a funny old season. It as if it literally strips the colour from the world for a few months. Once the initial goldening of the plants has passed, the landscape becomes bleak beyond belief. Even the berries turn red to brown.

But it does make you look around harder, and when you do find a glimpse of colour it sticks out, shows itself where in the summer it would be lost. Even winters have the crisp clear days that make taking photo's a joy, but in the overcast autumn days you really have to focus on the odd leaf, sign, object that holds onto it's pride while everything around it gives in to the blossoming cold.

Even cemetaries loose their summer warmth, their winter 'chills' and just fade into the background mist.

All shots from Danbury on a day that isn't nice, isn't cold, isn't wet, isn't dry. Natures likes to set a challenge sometimes I guess.

You Gotta Love Kermit

Real life commuting.

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