Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So we're born into this country, where for better or for worse,
we've got no real life choices, just to die or to work?
Of course democracy means we all have a say
but the strongest minority truelly get their way.
When you think of other states where the force is the rule
You think terrorism, dictatorship and other things cruel.
But there they have guns and jails and tribes
Here we're ruled by whoever you bribe.

So aside from finding an Island deserted
Or hoping this crazy world gets inverted,
All I can manage is frequent daydreams
About finding a beach full of timber for beams.
And I spend my days building a boat,
trips to the market to keep it afloat.
Occasionally walk to the town for a beer,
maybe a friend to share harvested gear.
Ands nights with the stars, or a modest home for the rains
Fuck back home, and bloody insurance claims.

So I'm still dreaming of getting away. But for now, new old motor hopefully turns up next week and a little bit of a road-trip around the country should follow. Will be good to see everyone again. If they'll have me of course.

A few bevvies and a bag of green, in a truck of guitars and a bike. Doesn't sounds too bad. Shame it doesn't run on air (and shame don't either really).

fuck it, I'm not at work and it's somewhere else. If it was sunny and warm it'd be almost everything I wanted.

Talking of fucking it...

Please take some respect and put it aside for Ulya (and her gallery)

and Daisy (and her gallery)

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