Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Long time no see BlogSkullFuckers. Facebook, the social networking site and killer of Blogs. Who needs to read here for my life details when they can be neatly summarised in table form?

Fancy Dress parties, pub meetings, it's all more fun when you can poke some-one about it.

So maybe the blog world needs to fall back on culture, sophistication, education even in order to survive. Cunt-fuck.

And un-necessary out of place cursing of course.

Photo-shop has again been pulling me to the sides, and I present you a couple of pieces I quite like.

i haqve more softcore collected up than you could care to imagine. I can't just leave my responsibilities behind now, that would leve me with nothing.

As there's been no bike talk of recent (riding seems to prioritise over photography, which I'm fairly proud of) have some cycle porn. Quite literally (gallery)

And some Hippy porn, as hippies rock, and it reminds me of the Psychadelic Fancy Dress party (gallery)

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