Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seeing as it seems at least one person reads this, I better resume service as normal. By putting up one picture, some porn, then realising that once again I have nothing to write-about.

Considering it's Critical Mass tomorrow, and the last critical mass write up was 2 posts down, I think I need to work harder.

So here's a photo. Best I can manage. Might be photo-shopped (read: is photoshopped, I did it), but arn't the coolest things always fake. Some field near Hanningfiled on a ride.

So I don't know if you guys have heard of MovieLOL, and their in progress film I.P. (Intellectual Porn), but these crazy Belgians are on top of their game.

It started as a policical group of youngsters who decided to reply to one of their politicians promising 400,000 new jobs if elected. Tania, their attractive representative offered 400,000 blow-jobs if thier party was elected.

While a stunt, and a genius one (see todays softcore, and this video response to the 400,000 blow-jobs), it attracted worldwide attention for the group, and they' have continued in a new direction.

Tania from N.E.E.

Video response:

So, anyway, away from the Softcore, and back to the point (I've forgotten I had one to be honest), they're newest venture it to make a movie, on zero budget, that is filmed to hollywood standards.

They send out weekely video-updates, and I can't encourage you enough to sign up, as they have me in tears every time.

For more on NEE political, and more pics of Tania

To find out about the movie and sign up for the updates (really, it's not like they pay me to say this, it just is THAT good)

[oh, and you can sign up to be Tania sex partner in the filming..]

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