Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey Blog-DeathSurvivers

First time back on the fixie today after I buggered my knee a couple of weeks back, and damned it felt good. Dropped the bars down low and it rides mint, and the whole thing was polished, polished and polished more where-ever there was silver visible so it looks great too (I thought; "If I can't ride it, I might as well pimp it)

Turned into a pretty crazy, death avoiding ride though. First off, crossing the road to ride up a low part of the pavement. A guy sitting in a parked car beside it chooses that moment to pull forward, so I swerve round him, the pedals are 12 and 6 so I fail to get up the curb and end up staggering off the bike like a goon. Jumping back up to save my pride I throw most of the 'F' words I've heard of in the car drivers direction, just to look up and see two lovely old grannies standing by me making sure I was OK. So then had to appologise to them to for polluting their ears. Double Pride dent.

Heading back out of town, and the traffic is all stopped for a bus further up the line, so I shoot down the inside, and duck under the wing-mirror of a van sitting waiting. He gets all horny on me and I ride off smiling. Then 2 minutes later, said van appears at about 50 mile an hour and almost takes the grip take off my right hand bar. There's stroppy road rage (Deal with it you cunt, bikes are faster through traffic) then there's putting some-one in hospital. I got a fist to the side of his van as he blew by, but sadly (or perhaps for the best if he was a big fucker) he didn't slow.

Finally, on a nice road back through the countryside, I'm sitting on the white line, spinning merrily, I hear a van pull out to overtake (different van, don't worry, Toyota Pick-up this time) then suddenly hear screeching tyres. As I look up I see there's a car coming in the other lane this guy has just blocked the road for, and the said car is now 4 wheels locked sliding off the side of the road.
The 4x4 carries on, I shoulder-check and the other car's stopped, then 3 more cars that were following all go by (hmm, not much love between drivers like there is between cyclists), and I decide I better check this other car is OK, so spin around and the woman inside is in a mixture of shitting herself/super angry. But she assures me she's fine, and that the pick-up driver is a 'bloody idiot' and we all go on our ways.

But either way, I got the new bike gloves I went to town for, my knee held up to the ride pretty well, and the bike shop is getting a new brake lever and some time trial bars in for me, so more pimpness to come for the fixie.

Generally an exciting ride.

So to cheer me up, here's Kate
and her playground

And finally, A video that makes me happy every time I see it, and not Just because Alexa is super hot. I must learn this dancy for a club. Anyone fancy partnering me?

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