Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wow, what a shot to open the blog with..
This was in fact nigh on an actual scene, but with some 'shopping to clear everything up, see the explanation here
Australia has it all.

This blog is pretty much a patch-together of all the stuff I was behind on, so is full of content, and not much rambling from me. You should love it.

Here's a fantastic visual representation of the problems of using cars as the main form on transport, especially in city areas. No explanation is needed (aside from the explanation beside each photo)
sourced from here


Thirty-five cars, stationary on the road. If they were moving at 30mph each car would need at least 10m of headway, so this is about as densely packed as cars get.


This is the cargo. Thirty-five individual drivers.

The Invisible Bus

And this is how much space they'd take up in a bus

Mixed Mode

Here we have our thirty-five poeple getting on with life, some going into town on the bus, some cycling, some walking, a couple of small cars and a taxi.

Now, who was the problem, again?

Ok, While the above make a damned fine point about the problems with cars, on the occasion that cars are required, or just wanted (ahem), they should look like this. A fully dropped Old Skool Beetle, narrowed axles, running like new, and a body-shell looking like shit. Fucking Gorgeous.

See for more sex like this

This lovely hippy chick is Nicole Sparks. This is a truelly enjoyable lady, I'm sure. At least if she is like the way she'd dressed in this shoot...

Here's her gallery

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