Friday, March 09, 2007

W00p, Yesterday was a fookin cracking day BlogAnamaniacs.

However, before I go on, it was made 100% lovlier, by the fact I had the Amelie soundtrack playing most of the day, and just felt like I was in some French meadow in the sunshine.

Here's a taster (open in in a new window/tab. Dolt).
Download the album from here. It's incredible.

ok, so..

Sun was shining, weather was fine (name that tune[paraphrased]) so I got on the bike, charged up the camera, and went to Maldon.
Oh yeah, and got a hair-cut. Sweet.

So for the first time, I offer you High'Zine 'views of Essex' PC wallpaper.

'tever. They're just photo's really.


Hopefully, those brake levers will dissappear before too long, and funny backwards leg muscles will appear.

Wow, just wow. What a look, what a beard.
I fucking rock.

What you'd see if you rode bikes and didn't have arms.
I guess.

Lovely stretch of road, lovely sunny warm day, only a crash and gravel rash could have ruined it.
Here i tried to pre-emt that moment, but failed to fall off.

If you're icons are on the left of the screen, here's your wallpaper, if they're on the right, there's nothing you could possibly do to make this photo work


Barge, Maldon. Oooh, young man.
(fucking old skool humour)

Yes, I set this up. Yes, no-one else cares, but by the time I'm 70, I'm gonna have pictures of this bike in almost every location on the planet.

At least I'll know the bike has travelled.

I actually took this with a background wallpaper in mind. It's now my background wallpaper. Could do with being blue-er water though, might have to do some photo-shopping.

This bloke has the life. Thursday afternoon, on a boat, looking like a lumberjack.

Another wallpaper for all you dreamers.
Go watch 'The Dreamers'.

So I was looking for somewhere to smoke up, and I see these two lone tree's just calling to me... fate

I'm not sure what this is. Or why I took it's photo, but it seemed friendly.

And this is why road bikes are great, whatever the homosexual lycra wearing leg shaving connotations it may have.


Captain B said...

effing nice bike, mate, but i've never understood why fixie riders have a frame pad on their toptube? i thought that was for bmx racers...

Mikey S said...

I've got it there for 2 reasons.

The pointless one being it's a Brooklyn Machine Works Bike pad, which is just to pimp to be left on the bedroom floor

The second is, when you're chatting, having a fag brake etc etc, it makes it comfy to sit sideways on the top-tube.

Messenger of Doom (Captain Buckles) said...

i thought it might be for the sideways sitting thing. i do that when I'm chatting or stuck at lights that are going to be red for a long, long time.

whatever the reason for it being there, it looks good...