Monday, March 12, 2007

That time again I guess

Myself and Stu wen't up to Chicky on sunday, as we have done a lot recently. I would say Al and Ivor turned up too, but that would be stretching it as we met them about 4pm (after we got there about 11am). Lazy sods.

Good times were had until the Brooklyn broke. This was a suprise to all, as it seemed likely the world would cave in on itself before the American lump of steel had any form of frame failure. But no, let down by a shitty steel bolt (M5 for those that care, ha, I know one of you does).

So as it was I took to 'The Camera', and got some of the first riding pictures I've produced in a while, but while the sun was beaming all morning, as soon as I got behind the camera, the clouds came in en'force.

Here's Stu, dropping big, on a pink hardtail with orange clown-hair acting as an airbrake.

Usually myself and Stu have a big whip-train going over this apre-drop jump.
I'm gutted.

But then, all the prayers in the world came together, and a friendly soul who had taken liking to the Brooky earlier, came to ask why I was taking pictures. When all was explained he offered me a bike for the afternoon. What a star!

So that's how ended up with this beaut of a jump-bike keeping me occupied.
How good is the world sometimes?

When I finally gave it back, it was back to the mainline to capture the local style mongs

Don't know the name of this flat-boy, but he sure is flat.

And here's Identiti's Pat mid 3 over the last.

On the note of Identiti, a big thanks to Matt from ID for sending me free mugs and stickers, for no apparent reason other than my calling his team crap.

They make the kitchen cupboard a brighter place.

A Queen Adreena card and a mohican.
I rock.

Today's softcore was a split between 3 good options, but the under-age latina won out.
Karla Spice and her gallery

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