Friday, February 16, 2007

Girls Love Ponies. We all know why:

He was harder than this when I stopped, but my staring clearly put his mind off.

Hi BlogFCKRS, managed to keep my camera charged recently, so we may be back to the good old days of actually having some mundane shite to share with y'all.

The joy of bikes y'see (semless linking is my greatest pride) is that you get to see places differently, and ride past water and notice a sunset like this, then capture it.

The joy of snowboarding is the sunsets look like this

Oh and the snowboard girls are gorgeous, the resorts have a great fashion sense, with expensive clothes that you actually want to buy, and France is gonna allow smoking for a year longer than the UK. And even after that the French are pretty likely to stick up a finger (and a cigarette) at anyone that tries to stop them smoking. They love that shit, protests and lung cancer that is.

I made rob a leaving video, however I'm a bit rubbish, and the file is massive, and youtube is even more rubbish and won't let it play properly.

And there's an even bigger vid I made with a nice bitta music, and some reflected clouds. but that won't play either.

So here is some beatiful scenery, and some carpentry in a video far more worthwhile than mine

And your softcore. Hippy chicks rule.

And here's her gallery

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