Monday, February 19, 2007

Evening Silentblogs

let this play while you are reading onwards:

Truelly an inspiration to any guitarist once they get past the smashing power-chords stage.

Staying on the Aussie topic, I'm geting massively into Triple J radio station at the moment. This station is massive in Aussie, and is alternative music based. Each year on Aussie DAy (26th Jan) they play the Triple J Top 100, which is clearly a centenary of the best tracks of the year. And from what the locals tell me, it's a really big thing down there, cos they all have the day off for Australia Day, so everyone gets together, gets a Barbeque going and had Triple J blasting indie/rock music out all over the country.

The UK would be playing Beyonce and 50cent. Hardly the right atmosphere eh?

Check out the radio-station here and if you're into downloading music/torrents, type in 'triple J hotest 100' and get a damned good collection of tracks from around the world.

Also been enjoying the powers of photo-shop recently and magically produced the below for a friend. Been a while since the programmes been played with, I forget it's fun.

Anyhow, might as well sort you a little softcore, just to keep you'll coming back.
Dakota South (cool name)

and her gallery

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