Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yo Blogacne's (there's a pun there, y'see)

Today, HMV's aimed turn-over was £67,000. In one day of the hours 9 until 6, in a comparatively small town store.

For this m
oney, 268 cows could be bought for farmers in Malawi (probably more without the admin theft, Oxfam sucks the metaphorical balls). And more interestingly, it took me 8 sets of brackets to find that out, and in the process of finding that out, I also discovered that a guy called smileydan5 will take lives for that amount, and i could get 67 night's with hookers (that charge £1k a night, clearly)

Anyhow, HMV is more enjoyeable than initially though, mostly because of the amount of nutters that come in, the amount of gorgeous females I work with (not that we get any time to talk, fuck customers), and my smug knowledge 'll be leaving within 10 days of starting, and getting a free Christmas dinner and drinks for my troubles.

Today's softcore is known as Lea and has large nipples, as visible in her gallery

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