Monday, December 04, 2006

For George and any Eva Green lovers (ie.. anyone that has seen Casino Royal, or the Dreamers)

I am realising this (in theory) bike based magazine blog is mostly just softcore now, but then I counter that with a galelry of images of Ms Green in the toal and utter buff.

See here and click on any of the links.


geo said...

cheers son, The Dreamers has shot to the top of my christmas list

will drop by hmv tomoz or weds, was the dinner good?

Mikey S said...

Got very very drunk, think I left my suit jacket at the bar.
Felt i'll as shit all day at work, but potentially got asked out by a girl at work.

yeay, it was ok...

geo said...


Mikey S said...

woo-hoo. I've handed in my resignation.

High'Zine update to come when I think of something un-shit to write.