Thursday, October 05, 2006

Instant Interest

Has anyone picked up on Lloyds TSB's recent advertising campaign? Basically that as soon as you pay a cheque in, they will start to pay you interest, you don't have to wait days -

("DAYS!!" as the advert puts it, do we really live in such an instant gratification world, that someone gets angry about waiting a few days for interest to start. Acoffee to be made, maybe, but not a bank service)

- for the privelage.

I mean, when I pay a cheque in, those 3-4 days I haven't been paid interest (as the cheque hasn't actually cleared, so I don't really mind) have cost me a total of about 3pence maximum in lost income. I coulnd't really give a shit about this 3pence.

However, Lloyds are extending this service to all customers, which is a hell of a lot of 3pences, each and every day, which must cost them an absolute blinder.

so their new campaign, in my eyes, is basically costing them a tonne, and providing me a service I wasn't bothered about in the first place.

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Matt said...

banks are stupid. I hate banks.