Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey Hey you cuntfucking dicksucking assroaming cheeseblowing eat a cake sit on my face do it to mee ill give you a pee whats that whore worth grew up in perth blog fiends.

How the jism are you all then? I feel the blogging world has been quiet of late, so lets make some mother fucking noise.

I never get how people have that much energy all the time. Let Me put my position into place with a musical similie:

Here is the video to Nirvana's 'Heartshaped Box'. You may have heard/seen it before (probably), if so, save yourself the effort and don't listen again, it hasn't changed.

However here is how it sounds in my happy little world "Mike Heartshaped Box"

Anyhow, here is a computer image of what Myself and Matt spend the day doing in 'Robs Shop'.

Obviously this isn't the actual event, as the actual event was far more stupid, and consisted of lots more 02 brochures, a can of WD40 and a lighter.

Also constructed a tower out of Boxes of phones, valued at roughly £1000, and suprisingly it didn't all fall over.

BTW, I apoligise for the sickeningly egocentric post below, but well, Jon (grow up and one day you'll ave an H) posted it, so it wasn't egocentric at all. I just haven't deleted it, cos i'm an attention whore. (geddit?)

My job agency is calling my mother and informing her of jobs available for myself, as they don't trust me to check answerphones for messages. (like they know I'm a technophobe [that's posting a blog on the internet??])

Handy as this theoretically could be, it also means I can't turn down jobs I don't fancy (cos they're "a bit shit") as parents know about their existance. I may complain to the agency about this. Invading privacy or something.

i'm bored, I might put some France pics up sometime.

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Matt said...

I think you'll find Rob placed their value at £1,200 (fascinating)

Maybe the agency didn't trust you to check your answerphone because your answerphone MAKES STUPID INTERNET NOISES!!!!!!