Thursday, June 15, 2006

Alright Blogpikeys.

I've now finished work. Which is nice. Hopefully won't have to be repeated all going well. ever.

but more importantly, we have squirrels that eat nuts in amusing ways in our garden, enjoy.

Nuts give you strong tails apparently

Yes, even a cold bastard like myself can see this is sickeningly cute.

Now don't get me wrong. I do infact love summer, truelly appreciate the sun, and am at my happiest when the cold weather is a figment of nightmares. However, I DON'T NEED ENJOYEMENT INSTRUCTION'S FROM CHILLED FOOD PACKAGES!!!

Which cheery business school cunt at Sainsburies felt the need to force feed summer happiness commands down my throat along with my honey roast ham slices.

Here's myself puting the summer cheer ham slices to use alongside some medium cheese in a toasty maker. Which makes more table mess than toasties, but ho hum.


Oh yeah,
and I bought a Brooklyn Machine Works MiniLink FQ (For the Queen). Which was nice.


sarah and claire said...

Hey dudetta,
the bike is very sexual me wants one (claire)
love - in ode to you, wet love of course... claire n sarah xxx

Will - but shhhh said...

Will wants you...

Mikey S said...

joint blog-spot account.

how... close.