Monday, November 07, 2005

Yo Yo BlogUnt©'s!!

Been too long, and this is gonna be a pretty jizz update anyhows.

The reason? Jobs! Job's drain the life from you, remove all free-time and happiness from your life, and worst of all, leave you no time t
o write blogs, and no time to do stuff to write about in your blogs.

Join me in the revolution against jobs!!. We'll all move to a cave and live off dripping from the ceiling and have orgies like in that 'Rome' program. Attractive STD free applicants only please.

The only photo's of recent came from Claires house-warming a little while back. We'll g
ot some photo's of the immense 'Critical Mass' ride too but go to R498 ERT's site for that cos he's said most of it already.

Fuck it, here's a couple.

This ride was sicker than fucking your mother you just murdered by raping with a 15" dildo anally, with a chocolate covered muffin.

Then licking it.

Be there on the last friday of each month, London, on a bike.

We'll, no photo's other than this one photo. As you may recall I went shopping a while back with Sar's and she mde me smell many bathroom cleaning products while perusing Sainsburies.

It seems that, while flattered by her inclusion of a "whole paragraph!" on this blog (some are easily given their 15 minutes), she was less than happy about the included photo of hers kindly.
While I personally disagreee and stand by the fact she looks 'hot' in it, I've been supplied with a replacement photo.

However there are two issues that have made me put this photo up as well as the previous photo instead of replacing the original:
1) She looks 'hot' in the
original photo (not 'Dog Hot'...)
2) Editing is a pain in the bum
3) I'm a dick
4) I need photo's to upload cos I havent be
en taking many
5) 'tever.

Anyhow, Claires housewarming:

These are the socks I wore, they were complimented by these boots I wore. Both were well sexy, but only the Sox were nearly stolen from me.

This is us playing
tswiter, I won because I cheated. I then got given the spinner and made all the girls end up in sexual positions. Twister is fantastic.

This is our lad Kev's very cute gal. How she lives with him I am lost, most conversations involved using her 'female area' *blush ahem* as a sleeping bag, after gentle 'stretching'....

This is Claires bruise where I bit her. She had more but this was the best

Also got some links you should watch if you're not a complete twat. Complete twats are excused. Infact a twat can be excused of most things, even farting during sex..

As we all know, and if you don't know I'm telling you, jumping over stuff and climbing things is not juvenile or cuntish, it is infact cool, and women love you for it (ev
en if you are female, [what? you expected me to say men will love you for doing it girls?? Fuck that, men will love you if you have a pulse])
In fact it is a sport, and a great one, and these links show you why. Parkour rocks.

The first guy is pretty damned good. The second pair of brothers are totally nuts. Their drops toward the end of the vid are more than life threatening.

If you think you'll find this dull watch the second one, if you know what I'm like, watch the first one in build up for the second.

You can FULLSCREEN any of tehse or tha upcoming 'softcore' vids, with the use of the 'other' mousebutton. The 'grunger' off mouse buttons if you will

Ninja Boy

Sicko Brothers

Finally some softcore, also of a different style to normal, to stick with the video them have some lovely girls stripping for their boyfriends with a webcam. The boyfriends then, as every male knows he must, shared the video's on an international website.

My Favorite, this gal is lovely, specially as you don't see her face..
Bit Dark, but still damned hot.
Slut, but hey, she's hot, and pierced

For the team guys, good one.

Just to Finish you off, here's a lovely song from 'My Chemical Romance', one of my current favorite van sing-along songs. Makes a change to blast at chavs from the 'Essex FM' coming from most white vans. The whole album rocks but this song is a favorite.
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

I decided to put some more up cos I'm nice and want to be arrested.

The Ghost of You, their new single, great video too, but I dont have it.
Interlude, Radiohead like short song.

Oh, ok then, Have a gallery.

This is Ann Angel. REckon, she's got anything on under that? Check the Gallery

Later fuckweeds.


Thepatient323 said...

cheryl tweedy lookalike?

bob said...

wtf george you are blogging. you cunt! brilliant brilliant brilliant.

i think she is ugly

Mikey S said...

that's ok, your wrong

Anonymous said...

shes fine, i want to touch her where she wees

Mikey S said...

i love you andy