Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh, and here's a video of the lovely Alizee singing some absolutely ear aching song in French, but looking way cute.
Interesting fact, she was born in 1984. There-fore making her prime English holidaying boy target range. Therefore I must find and compliment, before wooing her, while I am abroad.

Any wanna-be detectives that fancy finding out where she lives, and way's of getting her to Les Gets (like I'm gonna travel! ha!), get on it, and I'll let you have sloppy seconds..

Oh, and like the video's in a few posts back, here is another girl dancing in her pants, which her boyfriend has helpfully shared with the internet.
This is here for the choice of back-ground music, and it's rediculous in-appropriateness alone.


Anonymous said...

that video is really great, art, but the soundtrack is tragic, when will people learn that queen are shit

bob said...

i dont understand your affection for alizee - even with her delightful frenchness

bob said...

fat bottomed girls they make the rockin world go round