Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey Blogtokers

I welcome you to the post london ride photo-write-up thing.
It's gonna be good.
So good It's gonna begin with a Haiku, because it seem's that's what's cool in blogs now.

Cold winter blogging of scenes and comedic fun; Passing on knowledge

This is a photo of the sunset in my garden. It looks like this every day. I think it sets of the Haiku nicely.

This is Josh on a bench in the woods. 'nuff said.

So anyway, we went to London to ride some bikes, did me hAndy, Stu, Tim Glenn and Jon (silent H). Here we are at the train station, hAndy appears to be split over some decision.

Before-hand, well, most of the night before actually, me and hAndy tried our hardest to convince Tim (and therefore Glenn) and Jon (if he had an H he'd like street riding) to come ride street in London. They were super gay and not too keen, and it took like 3 hours to convince them to come, and the offer of a Burger if they didn't have fun.

So the day arrives, we get to town, and Tim, Glenn and Jon (still no H) arn't there. Seems they decided they couldn't be arsed to come after all as Glenn had some spokes out.

I got a grump on and bitched my arse off about them, hAndy cracked and admitted they were at the bike shop, but coming.

How fucking boring was that story????

anyhows, here's us fixing Glenn's wheel on the t-r-a-i-n.

And at Liverpool Street Station.

And Tim pass's the thyme by blunting the t=r=a=i=n.

So onwards, and the boys grudginly admit London has the best street riding anywhere, ever. like. Glenn spots this gap to drop, nails it, then wants to get a gap to manual to drop. He goes for it and gets about half a mill from completely going over the bars down this drop.

So then he goes again and completely goes over the bars into a pile, which had us in hysterics, and everyone on a passing double decker pressed against the window. People love carnage.

Here's hAndy on a really random feature, where we met some chav's that kepy shouting 'STAAACK EEEET' whenever someone went for a move. then they layed on a bannister on some stairs and tried to slide down, but instead looked like the fat underage fucks they were. Owned., or Pwn3d as it now is.

Tim got this wall ride dialled, I fell on my face twice then everyone wanted to move on before I could have more goes and do more damage. Shame, I was enjoying sliding across the

Here's Tim and Stu behind a wizard on the South Bank. Obviously

Jon (with a magical invisible H) was up for a bit of Parkour with the freerunning bois. He spent a while trying to get this gap to narrow landing 'just so', but luckily for him I took the photo while it looks like he is going to face-plant.

Here the Osbourne brothers combine a Glenn wall plant with a Tim handflip drop. Naturally talented wankers.

Tim with a table on a steep bank

And followed up by a tyre-tap to drop in.

After this (about 3 days after in fact) I went to Robs. First we went to our lovely dealer man with his lovely car, then back to Robs, where we played some songs and headbanged. Whilst thinking of his lovely sister Abbie next door, and her lovely bum.

Here's Jesus in a field of weed appreciating gods true gift to man.

This is my neighbours cat, I would say I missed, but it isn't really a gun-sight, I just drew it in in MS paint.

This is what R498 ERT would look like if it had those reflective tinded windows. Which it doesn't.

Just downloaded Prodigy, The Singles. Here's a taster:
Their Law
I'm sure a lot of you know it, but it's a feckin great track, from an album of great tracks.

Finally, it's been quiet on the softcore, cos I've been using it and not saving it, if you will. So here we go.
This is Chloe18 (no guess's for age) and her gallery
Ok it's not really softcore, as she is mostly clothed in most of the pictures, but she is hot, and more importantly than that she has a Fox Racing tee-shirt on, so some-one in the shoot crew likes bikes or motorbikes, or just the clothing that goes with them, which is a good enough tenous link for me.

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