Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hey all. It's a little of a sad post today. Well, actually a huge of a sad post today.
Leo, my god of a cat, was put down this morning. He's been down for a bit and this morning he walked out into the rain and just fell over on the patio and didn't bother to move. The vet said it wasn't worth stretching it out longer. My eyes are sore.

Leo's the one on the right, posing, as always, elegantly with our only surviving feline, Jaffa.
God bless you Lee, you were a hero.

In respect for Leeps today's blog will be mostly animal related, directly or not so directly.

To get us going, and to keep on subject at least initially i'll provide you with some Leo details.

His sexual status:

but only because he was neutered I should add. Sorry boy, humans are dicks to animals.

His least preferred animals:

(not including species he dislikes morethan ducks)

His favorite food (minus the MBUK sticker and spliff):

(Not including foods he prefers more than raw fish, especially sticker and smoke smelling raw fish).

And finally, Leo's favorite flying prey:

He was a dead 'ard stable kat.
Fuckin give 'em some shit up in kat heaven boy. Yoo's got it in you, give 'em grief.


On which religious note.
Today's daily softcore.

I luuurve Lisa Snowden.
As long as she refrains from talking and presenting.

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